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You are next

VR Detective game


  • Full game development process. 

  • Story and Dialogues.

  • Narrative design.

  • Game design for VR. 

Software used: Unity with SteamVR, Maya, Substance Painter, Mudbox, Photoshop, Gimp.

Description: "Enter the life of Victoria Strickland, investigate her memories and identify who is trying to kill her. You are the only who can help her escape the room."

        Available on Steam: Steam page link

Arnélys Garden

Android Game


  • Gameplay for children and audience not familiar with games.

  • Use games as a medium to enhance the player's interest in subjects such as nature. 

  • UI in Unity.

Software used: Unity, Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop.

Description: "Lila and Ryan lost their collection of butterflies during a storm. Will you help them get these butterflies back and complete their collection?"​

This project is about to have a second iteration which will change the design drastically (no more butterflies captured in jars but free in nature)

Arnélys Garden
Ebenat Garden - Trailer
Lire la vidéo
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Previous Projects